Friday, December 09, 2005

What's Not to Like?

I haven’t been feeling well these past few days. It’s the flu you see. Human flu, not to confuse it with bird flu. I wouldn’t want to start a global panic about yet another outbreak!

In any case, I’m sitting on my desk in front of my laptop surrounded by bundles of snot-soaked tissues (you didn’t need to know that did you?) and trying to get some oomph to get some work done. I’ve very disappointed with myself. Not much achieved this past month.

Though, I did get turned down by a literary agent. We met in Cambridge during the seminar, and she seemed interested in my work. This agent is involved with one of the top agencies in the UK. Took a while for me to pluck up the courage to send her some of my stuff, which were a couple of, what I felt, my strongest short stories.

Her response was that there was “a lot to like” in them but that she didn’t feel “confident” enough to place them in journals and such. I was also referred to a couple of publications, including Banipal, which I’ve known about for a while now. I’ve even attempted contacting them (submitting a story) but yet to hear back.

Last night I watched a Korean film; Old Boy. It comes highly recommended. But it’s not for the weak hearted or those who might get offended. The film does deal with a very sensitive, and at times, sickening theme. Rest assured though, you are in for a shock and a treat. I found not one single flaw in it; it’s brilliantly shot, well structured and fabulously performed. You can always count on Asian cinema for originality.

Which brings us to a topic I’d very much like to tackle; the decline and imminent fall of Hollywood, the most un-original source of film in the world... Watch this space!

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