Tuesday, January 24, 2006

On The Way To Pleasantville

Due to unforeseeable obstacles, which I won’t delve into now, the filming of Models of Success has been pushed back a week. We are now looking into next Saturday for the first day of shooting.

The whole team is now working intensively to revise the production schedule and ensure everything falls in the right place. As for the book, I’ve penned down the introductory chapter and two of the interviews/features of women so far.

We also visited the location of the shoot the other day and inspected the environment and surroundings. It’s a beautiful location which we believe is perfect for the film. We are still all upbeat and looking forward to it.

In other writing-related news, I’ve finally received the first feedback on my collection of short stories, Moments, and I am glad to convey to you that it was mostly positive. I met Paul Lumsden, who is an English Instructor at a Canadian college, at the Cambridge seminar and he was kind enough to read my manuscript and give me his impressions on it:

Let me share some of his comments with you: “I particularly enjoyed the narratives of the section ‘In Which We Dream’. ‘Fallen Gods’ your inter-textually playful fable of gods, was a highlight of the collection for me. Your collection demonstrated a wide range of narrative genres (even some speculative fiction ‘Writer's Block’) with related themes of loneliness, being picked on by impersonal forces, searching (and questioning) one's place and identity, not to overlook the violence (the 16 year old with a knife, self mutilating--wielding the knife as a substitute phallic was arresting--some fine writing here.) I thought your placement of the narrative in ‘Lemonade and Snowflakes’ was brilliant, manipulative to a certain degree. Overall, I was pleasantly impressed.”

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