Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rock 'n' Roll

We are finally set for the shoot on Friday. It’s been one helluva rollercoaster ride already, and it’s seemingly no where near slowing down anytime soon, in fact, it’s highly likely it’ll accelerate in speed and intensity more and more.

We’ve got ourselves a new cameraman and an editor, who from the engaging conversations we’ve had, seem to know what they are talking about and have the actual skills and talent for the job, and that’s a big relief.

I’ve been using the Sony mini-DV HC90E to capture some footage of the making of the documentary. It would’ve been preferable to film it on the Canon XL-1 but that’s now going to be used as one of the main cameras on set.

The crew is complete and ready. The location is set and ready. The candidates are chosen and ready. Cameras are in place.

We are ready to roll!

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