Monday, January 16, 2006

You Are 'Vehe'mently Ill

The momentum is building up. We start shooting on Sunday. I’m dead excited, finally a chance to have first-hand filmmaking experience.

The last couple of days have been all meetings, production discussions, interviews and rehearsals. We’ve got a number of people coming on board who we feel we’ll be a positive addition to the project.

One thing I’m already starting to realize when you are involved in such a project is, paying a great deal of attention to detail. And that you have to think fast and talk fast. God, I’ve not spoken that much in such a short time ever!

Regardless, things are looking up and hopefully, come Sunday, the cameras will be rolling.

On another note… don’t we all just love spam! Here is a good reason why (I got this today in my junk mail)…

“Randi (28) here... I vèhemently, havë to come upon counterparts”

Even I, a writer, would’ve had difficulty placing the word 'vehemently' in a sentence. Hilarious!

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