Friday, October 06, 2006

Fail/Feel Better

The first half of Ramadan has been very unproductive. My days are all messed up and I can't seem to be able to focus on anything. Perhaps I was a little worn. I've been working hard on Moments these past couple of months and with the two-week tour, I had plenty on my hands to do…

There's still plenty to do. But I'm starting to find it a bit difficult to maintain. I'm not sure if I can entirely blame Ramadan for it. But I suppose it at least has something to do with it.

The latest good news is that Al Hilal Bookshop has agreed to stock Moments in all of its 14 branches across the country, including its stall at the airport departures. So you won't have any excuse for not buying your copy, even if you're planning to escape the country for a while!

Still no development on the Gulf front though. I've had interest in a couple of places in Saudi and Dubai, but it's all far from confirmed yet.

Submissions round up:

The Purple Rose – Strange Stories of Sand & Sea anthology

The Bullshiter - In Posse Review

The Red Hand of Ottoman – Butcher Shop Quarterly anthology & Stride Magazine
Bow Failbetter
The Purple Rose - Clarkesworld Magazine

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tooners said...

congrats on The Bullshitter being accepted. here's to The Purple Rose making it as well.