Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Fiction is for Real

I was up till around 6am today finishing up chapter 20 of my novel Buried (working title). I've not been attentive of my writing this past month of so, so it was somewhat refreshing to get back on with things. Whenever I read anything by Neil Gaiman I feel stimulated enough to want to write, and this time was no exception. I had just received my copy of his new collection Fragile Things, which I've been looking forward to and simply reading the intro got me back into the writing mood!

Anyway, I now feel that I'm only 10,000 words away (4 or 5 more chapters) from completing the novel. But at the same time I'm expecting it would take a lot fro me to revise, redraft and edit the thing once it's done. The process of writing Buried has been completely different than what I did with QuixotiQ. Here, I have the whole story mapped out in my head, unlike with Q, but it's also a very different kind of story.

Wherein Q was a violent voyage of a desperate man in a world of fantasy and nightmare, Buried is a more subtle character-driven story amidst a murder mystery. The only common element in the two novels is that they both take place in a small town, one fictional and the other real.

You can now read my interview* in the recent issue of Oh La La! Magazine and take a moment to visit my website to check out the latest updates. (*PDF might take moment to downloaded)

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