Monday, March 20, 2006

Brighter Than Sunshine

I am completely washed out, spent, knackered, exhausted, and physically incapable of carrying my own weight (ok that last bit was a little exaggeration but the rest is true).

Last night’s premier went smoothly and pleasantly. We all had a good (busy) time but at the end of it, it was smiles all round. There were no less than 150 people in the theatre who all seemed genuinely intrigued by the film… I’m talking about Models of Success here, yes.

To everyone else, that was that, but to us we’re halfway there. The film still needs a lot of work in terms of adding more material and fine-tuning but yesterdays screening was the first opportunity to measure the reaction of the general public towards the production.

The screening was followed by a roll call and an interesting short Q&A session that included a young lady’s extremely enthusiastic appraisal for the film, the ladies in it and those involved in making it, which was quite a rewarding moment for all of us.

So to that young lady whose name I never got, thank you for the kind, encouraging words and glad the film’s message reached you.

Following that, we (production crew) had a little post-premier dinner party at Rendezvous restaurant right next to the Seef Cineplex and had a lovely time. I’ll try to put up some photos from the premier as soon as they are uploaded.

From tomorrow we will pick up where we left on the MoS book and website, both of which we want to be ready for launch no latter than the first half of April. It might be worthy to note that the film is receiving encouraging interest fro numerous parties including networks and film festivals. More on that shortly.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a reading in a couple of hours.

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