Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Horrors of Gmail

Over two weeks ago, I lost my Gmail account. Suddenly I couldn't sign in anymore. No warnings, no signs. Simply the horrible notion of not being able to access the email account I've been depending solely on for almost the last two years!

My Gmail Horror Story has made the news. ZD Net UK 's Ingrid Marson wrote a piece on the mysterious account deletion phenomenon that hit Google Mail. Read the piece, and please if anyone has had similar problems and glitches with Gmail, come forward and speak up.

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Alfanan said...

This is crazy! I haven't had a problem with Gmail, except that sometimes it takes forever to go from the login screen to the inbox's.

I hope nothing happens, but this definitly raises an issue. I wonder if Google will be able to restore all your contacts, emails, and files.