Wednesday, March 01, 2006

For The Restless

Last night, I along with Enas were hosted on the Channel 55 Highlight show, presented by the lovely Ahdeya Ahmed. I wasn’t supposed to go on, but unfortunately Doa, our PA, had to back down due to illness and I filled in her shoes.

The show was a joy and both Enas and I had a wonderful time, all thanks to Ahdeya, who was, as usual, the star of the show. For those who missed the episode of Highlight, a repeat will be broadcast on Friday at 7.30pm on Channel 55. Be sure to catch it.

A number of events are being finalized as we speak, two of which are related to my own writing (a reading/book signing and a talk) and the other two are related to the Models of Success project. I will post all the details right here as soon as they are confirmed.

Gotta go, lots of footy to watch today.

ps. Check out the latest update on the MoS Photo Diary


tooners said...

Truly enjoyed all your pics. I love photography and you have some great photos. Keep up the great work!

Ali Al Saeed said...

thank you. I'm glad you liked them.

Please do visit again. :)