Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Caught In The Rain

The voice test session went pretty well, I reckon. Hashim and I spent about two hours chatting and talking about what exactly we want to do with this audio book, and then I took the plunge and walked into the studio.

I read Lost which is described as “a wondrous yet frightening journey through the imagination” by author and poet Peter Tomlinson. The rough cut of the first take was a little over 20 minutes; the story is 2000+ words. But that gave us (and me in particular) an idea how long these things usually take to read!

My next task is first select only 4 to 5 stories to feature in the CD – keeping in mind length, as we are aiming for a roughly 1-hour long audio book – and then to abridge them accordingly.

As for my narration, Hashim reassures me that it’s alright; with a little more practice it could be better. It wasn’t easy at all, trying to focus on the pages, make your voice clear, pronounce each word correctly, pace it right and more significantly, embody the emotions/feeling from paper through your voice! But Hashim (and I) are confident we’ll get it right.

I have to say though, that I was very impressed by the Mellostudio facilities. The lounge and actual recording space/studio were very relaxing and warm. It’s just a place you wouldn’t mind spending regular time in!


Alfanan said...


I thought the session went pretty well. You have a good voice, and I think you'll have no probs reading the rest of the stories.

I really enjoyed working with you, and am looking forward to record the rest of your work.

tooners said...

I can't wait to hear the final outcome! :)