Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hard Candy

In today's GDN was an article headlined 'Minister backs writers' in which the Minister of Information is said to have pledged to back local writers and authors and support the literary scene in the country. Read the full piece here.

I was grateful to have been given the Book of the Year Award for QuixotiQ by the Culture & Arts directorate. But we (writers, artists and the like) want more than just the occasional award or programme here and there. We need long term schemes implemented through a special council for the arts, we need all forms of support and backing, monetary and otherwise.

In the UK alone there are several organizations such as the British Council, the Arts Council and hundreds of other similar bodies that provide all sorts of incentives and support. The words of Dr Abdul Ghaffar are good to hear but we want action to go along with that, something tangible.

We can only hope that these words will be more than just that... words.

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