Sunday, May 07, 2006

Give It To Me Baby

I am taking part in the Donard Publishing short story competition with three stories. The competition is based on public voting system so please visit the website, read my entires and vote for them! Pass on the information to everyone you know and ask them to vote as well.

My entries are: #139 - The Purple Rose, #140 - A Touch of Gloss, and #141 - The Bullshitter.

Thank you.


tooners said...

Ali, I've read two of your short stories so far. I'm about to read the last one. I must tell you that I really enjoy your writing style. You captivate the reader. The Purple Rose was filled w/ longing, a beautiful love story and sad. I felt sadness for the Purple Rose and felt that he met his fate and deserved what he got. The Touch of Gloss... well, I love it. You are so descriptive. I can see everything and imagine everything. It reminds me a lot of dreams I've had - in a way. The story is full of hope, sweetness, a journey through the world of fantasy ... I could imagine all the people, the auntie, Gloss, the water, the monsters, the green bubble... I just loved it. Very good job w/ this story!!

tooners said...

The Bullshitter - How very true in so many ways. I believe a lot of ppl talk just to hear themselves talk but add no real value. This is an interesting look at life, love and, above all else, how a person can be judged by what others deem acceptable or not acceptable. I felt sadness for him but was uplifted by his words. Very good story.

Ali Al Saeed said...

Your comments are insightful and rewarding. It's satisfying to hear that you've read and enjoyed my stories. Thank you once again.

It's interesting how different readers get different things from each story they read.

tooners said...

When re-reading my post about the Purple Rose... I meant that the Sultan or the man deserved what he got, not the Purple Rose. I felt such immense sadness for her for her loneliness and, really, loved what she did to him. :)