Sunday, May 21, 2006

World Wide Suicide

A couple of mornings ago, I couldn’t sleep. And all of a sudden I felt an instant urge to write. It was around 4am. I got up. Put my laptop on and began typing away. I ended up writing the first 10 minutes of a new screenplay of a feature-length film!

Its working title is Hold and it’s a thriller that deals, in a vague way, with terrorism. The general premise is that a pregnant Arab woman is caught in the middle of a suicide bombing plot at a big government building.

This would be my second film-script (third of you count Moments as well), after my Red Hand adapted screenplay, which is still in first draft phase. If I keep at this rate, I should complete Hold in around two weeks. I’m thinking it’ll be a 95-minute (give or take) long film. Hopefully, I’ll manage to keep the tempo goin’.

Project Moments got a big blow when one of the people I was counting on had to pull out for personal reasons, which basically means now, that if I am to go ahead with the film, I’ll probably have to do it all by myself. I think I’ve got a Plan B though, to minimize resources, crew and elements required to make it.

In any case, we are going ahead with the audio book. Sometime tomorrow afternoon I will be at Hashim’s (aka Alfanan, of Mellostudio) studio to do a voice test during which I’ll read excerpt of a couple of stories from the collection, to see how they (and I) sound! Apart from the few readings I’ve done, I’ve not recorded anything before so I hope I do well. (Although I was assured that I did pretty good during my voice test for narrating Models of Success.) I’ll let you know how that goes.

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tooners said...

this Hold sounds really exciting.

i wonder what it is about writing early in the a.m.?! when we came back from cali, i found that i couldn't sleep and loved being able to get up that early and write.

i'm interested to see how the audio will go... i think it'll be fun and hashim is really professional, so i'm pretty sure you'll like it. :)