Friday, May 12, 2006

You're All I Have

Over the past couple of days I’ve had two encouraging meeting regarding my next project. This is something that I’ve been developing seriously for the past one or two months and is basically creating a unique ‘package’ inspired by the collection of short stories. Project Moments will present you not only with a 22-story paperback book, but also (hold breath)... an audio book AND a short film!

The audio book will feature a selection of the stories from the collection, ones that will reflect the sort of content people will find in the book, think of it as a teaser, and will also probably include some poetry recital. Now, usually, audio books aren’t narrated by the author himself, that is why I am even more keen on doing it myself!

The first draft of the screen-script has just been completed; it’s an adaptation of the title story, Moments. But it still needs a lot of tweaking and adjustments. A few things will be altered and changes and added.

I am excited about the concept and I believe that it’s not been done before, at least not in the context of how I aim to do it. A lot of details need to be sorted but I’m hoping that things will start materializing within the next week or two. Will keep you posted.

That will be my main focus from now on. I will try to get some new writing done but I’ve been seriously contemplating the fate of Buried these past few weeks. I am considering abandoning it or putting it on the shelf. I don’t feel I’m very confident about it and I’m struggling to write the last parts of it. Now I had felt the same way about QuixotiQ, when I got to the same stage, but the difference is I didn’t know what was going on with QuixotiQ, and with Buried I know exactly what is going to happen! So maybe that is why I’m feeling this way about it, in a very twisted and obscure way.

I wonder how often other writers face this dilemma, and what their solution is.

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Cavan said...

Wow, this sounds amazing! Seems like every time I comment here I'm congratulating you on something, but I think this is the coolest yet. So, congrats again!

Ali Al Saeed said...

Don't feel too bad about it! lol

Seriously though, I hope I can pull this one off. Until then, hold your glasses ;)