Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Counting Down the Moments

The fact that the drilling next door hasn't stopped all morning, me having slept less than 5 hours and going through two very hectic and busy days, all add up to a not so very great feeling. My eyes hurt and I'm still a bit drowsy. Maybe one or two cups of coffee will settle things a little.

In all in all though, I believe things are going pretty well. Yesterday the books were delivered to Booksplus, and the rest will be handed in today. I've finally, after chasing the matter for three days, managed to print the CD covers for the audio book. That wasn't at all a piece of cake.

The book itself, I'm pleased to say, looks quite stunning. The quality is good and the matted cover came out brilliant. It felt great having the actually book, physically in my hands, after so long. To think that the very first story in that collection was written no less than eight years ago is remarkable. I had waited so long to see this book finally in print. And I'm proud of the final result.

Now, I'm about to send it out into the world and see how the world will react to it. I have a feeling it will be a pleasant response. I hope so.

Don't forget to pick up the latest issue of Bahrain Traveler, featuring a 3-page interview with yours truly. The magazine will also publish a review of Moments in the October issue. Here's a sneak snippet…

"Moments is as charming as it is whimsical, deftly toeing the line of the mystical realm. Each story in this anthology is brilliantly written and ingeniously catalogued without any definitive ending, prompting readers to ponder the possibility of myriad varied conclusions. Ali uses abstract narration to effectively express subjective experiences, brilliantly managing to put a
different spin on mundane activities with such poise as to be voraciously read. Reading Moments is akin to embarking on a passage into the proverbial unknown, with Ali in the driver’s seat. So buckle up and prepare yourself for one heck of a ride!" –
Roshelle C. Fernandes, Bahrain Traveler


Cerebralwaste said...

Congrats ALI!!!! Well DONE!!!!

tooners said...

Looking forward to seeing you tonight. I'm sure it's going to be a smashing time... and I can't wait to hear how ppl respond to the audio book. Just can hardly wait. :)

Cavan said...

Awesome! Looks great.

Ali Al Saeed said...

Cheers CW and tooners

Hey Cavan u finally resurfaced! we got worried about u ;p