Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wonderful Week

The past week has been a very busy and exciting one. Following the official launch of Moments, I've been working hard to find channels of distribution for Moments not only here in Bahrain, but across the region. There are two of three different options on the table right now and I hope all of them will work out.

That week has also been relatively a successful one in terms of sales. We've already sold, roughly, around 25% of the printed first run. And that basically makes Moments another National Best-seller. The challenge now, of course, is to maintain such consistency.

So once again, thanks for everyone who has purchased their copy of Moments and for every person who had supported me and offered their help and advice. It's really humbling to see so many people expressing willingness to be involved and to support local talents.

One final date remains on the Moments book tour, and that is on September 27th at La Fontaine Art Centre. A special announcement will be made about it in a day or two.


Alfanan said...

this is wonderful!! Another hit ;)

I think the next event at La Fontaine would be really nice, especially that it's going to be during Ramadan. I'm not one to sit at home after Iftar to watch stupid BTV shows.

Ali Al Saeed said...

Yes, thank you... and I am looking forward to that one too. We just puched the time to 8.30pm to make sure people have enough time to make it!