Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Few Lines

I've had an agitated morning and I'm kind of restless.

I think I'm just worrying a bit too much. And I keep thinking I'm forgetting something but never sure what it is. This has been the case for the past couple of days at least. It's as if you're about to go on vacation and have that nagging feeling at the back of your mind that you might forget your passport, or leave the house door open, or be late for your flight.

Regardless, I'm trying to focus on what's on hand. Er, maybe too much?...

In today's GDN Sara Horton writes a few lines on Moments in the paper's monthly book section.

I attended the recent Bahrain Bloggers Gathering (its 22nd edition) two nights ago and I'm glad I did. Meet a bunch of very interesting cool people and talked mostly about movies, filmmaking and literature.

And thanks to that meet-up, the Bahrain Filmmakers Club is now being resurrected. Mahmood has created a new forum which will hopefully help things pick up. So if you have an interest in filmmaking on any level, go ahead and register.

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