Thursday, September 28, 2006

When Autumn Comes

Last night's reading was the perfect ending to the mini 2-week book tour which began with the official launch of Moments at Albareh Art Gallery on September 14th (already seems decades ago!).

La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Arts is a beautiful place and the evening went on wonderfully, the gallery hall was filled and everything went better than I was expecting. The audience was lovely and the interaction we had following the reading was a real pleasure.

In a candlelit ambiance I read Bow, the first short story I wrote in 1998, and followed it with Fallen Gods. Again, one of the earlier stories of mine. But I ended with the rather unusual story 43, which I dare say is becoming some sort of a cult piece of fiction. Every time I read it, it never failed to raise a few eyebrows and uncertain giggles.

The piece if one of the most random I've written so far. I wanted to write the greatest story ever told – and I truly thought I could – until I realized what an absurd thought it was… and the words that followed that made 43 what it is today.

And if that wasn't enough, there is now talk about turning it into a very very very short film… more on that soon.

But once again thanks to those who took the time to share that evening with me and for everyone who was involved.


Alfanan said...

Hey Ali,

Sorry we missed the reading :(

Sounds like it was a wonderful evening. I do look forward for future events.

Hisham said...

Hi Ali,

I had a good time during our dinner meet up last night! Keep up the good work and good humor.

All the best,

Ali Al Saeed said...

Hashim, no worries. I'll let you off the hook this time... but we should meet up again soon.

What have you been busy with anyway? Any "new" news?

Hisham.. I enjoyed our conversation too. Can't wait to see "Blocked" finally made! ;)

Alfanan said...

*"Blocked"? A new video project? :)*

Ali, Now that you're thru with the tour, we should set a time to meet with H. Next week maybe?

Ali Al Saeed said...

Yes we should. Let's set it up in the next few days if you like.