Saturday, November 25, 2006

Be A(muse)d

This coming Tuesday we will have a special 'gathering' at Al Riwaq Art Gallery which will include readings by me and two other local writers. It will start at 7pm and ALL are welcome. If you have an interest in literature, arts, music or fancy yourself a writer, poet, musician, artist, filmmaker etc, then be sure to be there. (Click image for more details)

Today I attended an art workshop, by Dutch artist Theodora Plas. It was fascinating as it focused on the connetion of music with color. I have mixed feelings about the whole experince. I struggled a great deal trying to get my mind to think in terms of colors and shapes and lines instead of words! It was actually a bit intimidating and I wasn't comfortable to begin with. If it taught me one thing, its that the two (painting and writing), even though sharing some similarties, are nothing alike... I suppose it's safe to say that you won't see me replacing my pen with a brush anytime soon!

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