Monday, November 06, 2006

A Rush of Confusion to the Brain

Things are starting to get pretty hectic. I'm supposed to be in Dubai for a couple of day as I have an event on the 15th there, but I'm yet to sort out all the logistics of it and I'm kinda running outa time. I'll have to confirm things within the next two of three days as I'll need to start promoting the damned thing... I promise to post all the details of the Dubai-thing, as well as the other three event this month, as soon as I know them!

One of them though is a definate. The British Council asked me to present a talk/workshop for their Young Adult program students on November 18th. Should be fun, I suppose, if I don't screw it up!

As for the TV show thing I mentioned in my earlier post, well, we've officially moved into the pre-production phase, which means that we'll have to work on a whole punch of things such as storyboarding, location scouting and *gulp* casting!

And just on a sidenote, if you haven't yet seen the following films, then you MUST


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