Friday, November 10, 2006

Melty Cheese Is Sticky

It seems I've become more of a secretary than a writer lately. I'm my own personal assistant! Phone calls to make, planning to do, scheduling to arrange, meetings to set, dates to pur right, deadlines to be reminded of… Ok, maybe I should stop whining about it. I mean, seriously, it's not like I'm running for office is it? No, now that would be hard work. Yeah. Right.

The British Council event is all set to go down on November 18th. There will be two separate sessions at 10.30am and at 12noon. And I'll be talking to a bunch of 12 to 17 year olds about writing, creativity and whatever comes to my mind on the day really! I might end up talking about how to make a proper *egg & cheese on toast for breakfast! Details here.

Meanwhile, I'm loosing more hair than I am allowed to over planning this Dubai trip. I'm getting a bit muddled. Too many numbers you see. I hate numbers. But in case you were curious, the event will be hosted by the XVA Gallery in Dubai on November 15th from 7pm.

Yesterday we went out to scout locations for the shoot of the TV show thing I talked about before. In fact, a casting call shall be put out very soon. So keep an eye out, if you're interested in giving it a shot. A date for the audition will be revealed soon and I will post the call on this blog in the next day or so.

*the slice of cheese melts in between the egg and the toast from the heat. Sometimes that's how my brains feel.

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tooners said...

Saw an ad for the series in Sa'ar. Hubby had made me think this was being shot in the States or for audiences in the States. Now I'm confused.