Friday, January 12, 2007

Against the Wind

I started Against as a novella. But now it's looking more like a small novel. After writing a few hundred more words of it, I realized that the estimated target of 45000 words won't be enough. I reckon I'm in the vicinity of 60% of how much of the story I've gone though so far. That leaves me with 40% to go. I'll most definitely need more than 12000 to tell that. So I've upped it by another 5k - as the meter on the sidebar suggests.

The story should take a turn now and pick up into the climax. There are still episodes that I want to get on with though and I suppose some of the characters back stories will have to be puffed up a bit. It still feels an easier novel to write if only I can focus on it more... see what I mean, I should be working on it instead of posting this!

I'm gonna go...

I went!


Cerebralwaste said...

Care to post a little snippit of "Against" for us to enjoy?????????????? Just a little tease Ali... Come on be a sport!

Ali Al Saeed said...

CB, I'm tempted to. But maybe not just yet. I don't even have a blurb written for it, I will post that as soon as its done.

However, I have been thinking of posting maybe a chapter from 'Buried'. So you never know!;p

Cerebralwaste said...

Post a chapter from both! Give up fans a little tease of what is yet to come!

Pheebles said...

Hi Ali,

Long time no comment from me. I apologize for that. I kinda had a lot going on in my life, but remembered you just today and thought to come and say hello.

I used to comment a lot once and I have been very lax with keeping up with old friends.

I see you have been busy busy with writing since last time I chatted to you.

Go you!

(I used to blog at kalita Kasar on bravehost, but now I have my blog at

Ali Al Saeed said...

Hey there stranger!

So glad you stopped by. The other day I was browsing my old blog at bravejournal and saw your name.

I'll save the new address and do my best to visit from now on. Always nice to hear from old friends!