Monday, January 29, 2007

In Process

Work on the Elham website is steadily progressing. The fine people of WMP (check out their new website, its ultra cool!) have been gracious enough to offer creating the site for us, so we thank them aplenty for that. The first design wasn't up for scratch so we worked together to come up with a new concept. Here is a sneak preview of how the site is most likely gonna end up looking like.

Speaking of Elham, our second evening which was held last week, was another big success. Everybody has a wonderful time and our "talents", Phoebe, Suha and Arthur all had interesting and enjoyable contributions. Both Phoebe and Suha read from their books and talked about their work, focusing on portriature and spirits! The music, provided by Arthur on the guitar, added a lovely, fun atmosphere.

As soon as the site is up and running we'll make an annoucenment and then you can keep uptodate with new happenings.

For those of you who missed my Sunday's GDN column, in which I talk about Ashoora and my memories of it, can read it online.


Cerebralwaste said...


Just a heads up but your link for the GDN doesn't seem to work.


Ali Al Saeed said...

thanks cw, its been fixed.

Cerebralwaste said...

Great article Ali! Thanks for sharing it on your blog.

Sarah said...

Elham sounds like a neat group. I look forward to checking out the new site. Any ETA on it?

Ali Al Saeed said...

Thanks CW, glad you liked it.

And glad you're interested in Elham, sarah. I'm told the website should be up and running in a week or so.

In the meantime you can email for more info.