Monday, January 01, 2007

It's Come & It's Gone!

For some reason I feel that 2006 has been one of the busiest years in my life so far. And the quickest (then again, I say that about every passing year). The truth is, I did feel busy through most of it and I would like to think that I did well. But that's always up for debate.

Here are the main highlights of the year for me:-

· Co-produced my first documentary 30-minute film, Models of Success
· Wrote & published visual film companion book
· Participated in a conference in Stockholm, Sweden
· Visited Frankfurt, Germany
· Published my second fiction book, Moments
· Watched the World Cup (at home)!
· Held creative writing workshops for young students
· Held my first book event in Dubai at the XVA
· Co-write the script for a short comedy film
· Set up & launch Elham, the group for creative people in Bahrain

The biggest disappointment for me in 2006 was not getting around completing my second novel, which I should've done months ago! But other than that it's been a good year during which I met a bunch of amazing people and made great new friends. I wish them (and you) a 2007 that is filled with fulfilled dreams, great times and wonderful memories.

(with lots of sugar & spice & everything nice!)

And of course....

EID MUBARAK to you all!


tree said...

I cannot wait to buy your book 'Moments'. It sounds quite interesting.

When did you start writing?

Ali Al Saeed said...

Hi Tree, thanks for visiting.

I started writing stories/fiction seriously about 8 or so years ago. But the first story I wrote when I was aroun 10!