Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It Goes Something Like This

My first published story for 2007 appears in the very first issue of the new literary magazine La Fenetre. The Purple Rose, a Glimmer Train Press award-finalist, can be read online or in the print-edition of the magazine.

Hora hora! Or something.

Flip the coin. And you'll find that I've recieved FOUR rejections within a few days. Two from Glimmer Train, one from Gold Dust magazine, and Hub magazine. Lee Harris, the editor of Hub, tells me that "Your story (that being A Sheep Called Marlon) was shortlisted from our slushpile but was not selected for publication. There was a lot we liked about the story but it was felt that it did not quite fit into our forthcoming lineup."

Well, at least they liked it. Right? Right?


Cerebralwaste said...

Keep your head up Ali. Rejection is part and parcel with being an author. Your work is OUTSTANDING and in the end you will prevail.

As my father always tells me.. DON'T LET THE BASTARDS get you down! Keep Pushin'!

Cavan said...

It's always good news when an editor takes the time to say something good about your work. I do it whenever I come across a story where the skill of the author is evident but, for whatever reason, that particular story doesn't quite work for me.

Ali Al Saeed said...

lol don't worry about me CB, nothing would stop me writing!;p

And Cav, thanks for taking the time to read the story. Knowing the kind of writer you are, and the kind of fictin your into, I'm not surprised by your comment.

tooners said...

Glad to hear about the Purple Rose. I loved that story.